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Upcoming Shows


Below is the list of our upcoming shows.  We also have an archive of photos and cast/crew lists from past productions.  

All evening performances start at 7:45pm and matinees at 3pm unless otherwise specified.  The theatre bar will be open from 45 minutes before the start.

Ticket sales: Tickets for our December production of Whisky Galore are now available, and tickets for our January production of Measure for Measure will be available from 1 January.  P​lease make sure that your membership is up-to-date if you wish to purchase reduced price member tickets; join or renew your membership

Upcoming Auditions: Auditions for our April production of Othello will be on Monday 29 January, following an informal reading on Monday 8 January.  The audition notice is now available.


The RSS has a YouTube channel.  This includes performances created remotely during lockdown such as Shakespeare Shorts, a series of monologues by individuals from across our membership, and our Swan Award-winning Halloween anthology Stage Fright.  You can also see the trailers for some of our recent shows as well as the no holds barred documentary on the making of Ben Hur by the Daniel Veil Theatre Collective.

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