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Stage Management

Stage Management enables the director and actors to carry out their work
in organised conditions throughout the rehearsal period and during the run
of the show. They work closely with the director to understand his or her
requirements and ensure they are carried out.

To this end, during the rehearsal period they deal with day to day details;
i.e. setting out props and furniture, calling actors to the stage, setting out
prop tables, operating backstage effects etc, so that the director and cast
can proceed with their job secure in the knowledge that all the details are
taken care of and that it will “happen” on the night.

In dress rehearsals and performances stage management will supervise
actors, liaise between departments and work backstage - and will be
responsible for the efficient running of the production according to
decisions made during rehearsals.

The stage management team comprises a stage manager and one or more
assistant stage managers and a prompter.

We welcome anyone who wishes to help with stage management. Becoming involved in Stage Management is a great way of playing an important role in a show and enjoying being part of the production team. For more information about how you can be involved email our Secretary at

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