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Lighting & Sound

The RSS has staged a number of technically ambitious productions in
recent years, all thanks to our adept team of technical designers and
operators and the theatre being very well equipped technically.

The lighting installation comprises some 50No conventional fittings (those
with incandescent or halogen bulbs) and 6No new LED fittings, which
benefit from small size, high brightness, multi colours and very smooth
dimming and colour change. The lights are located in the auditorium, over
the stage and in the footlight troughs at the front of the stage. All lights
are controlled from a new lighting desk located in the gallery.

There are two portable projectors available operated by a laptop. They
can be positioned anywhere in the auditorium or over the stage to suit
projection requirements of the show. One of these has been recently
purchased to provide a high level of brightness.

The theatre is equipped with its own sound and lighting equipment,
sufficient and suitable for even the most ambitious of director’s
requirements. The sound installation comprises a multichannel mixing
desk, multiple amplifiers and three pairs of speakers.

The technical crew for a show comprises a lighting designer and operator,
a sound designer and operator and a projection designer and operator.

All shows need someone to design, rig and operate technical elements. So
whether it’s lighting or sound that interests you, we are always looking for
more designers and operators to get involved.

For more information about how you can get involved, email our Technical
Group Leader Marc Pearce at

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