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by William Shakespeare
Directed by:
Monday 17 to Saturday 22 July 2017
Fountain Gardens, York House

Shakespeare's mystical final play will be brought to colourful life with fabulous costumes and original music in the RSS 's latest outdoor production on our very own " enchanted isle" of the York House Fountain Garden, Twickenham riverside. This is a tale of intrigue and romance, magic and mayhem. A man has been cast away on a remote island with his daughter - but this is no ordinary island and Prospero is no ordinary man. He is a magus able to control the very elements. He creates a vast storm shipwrecking his enemies on his fantastical island where nothing is what it seems, but is this for revenge or reconciliation?

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Deborah Campbell
Box Office: 07484 927662


PROSPERO Francis Abbott MIRANDA Louise Stenson ARIEL Francesca Ellis, Heloise Plumley, Neelaksh Sadhoo CALIBAN Scott Tilley GODDESS Shana de Carsignac ALONSO David King FERDINAND Matthew Tyrrell SEBASTIAN Luke Daxon ANTONIO Thomas Rebuffa GONZALO Peter Parkinson TRINCULO Rob Waiting STEPHANO Craig Cameron Fisher MASTER Bob Trimble BOATSWAIN David Robins MARINER Ron Hudson JELLYFISH/SEA URCHINS Maria Melanaphy, Honor Paul, Connie Wheeler, Tabitha Jefferies, Annica Baldock, Gina Holt, Darya Karbasi, Emily McGuire, Annabel Ramsland

Creative Team

Ass. Director:
Set Design:
Lighting Design:
Sound Design:
Stage Manager:

Deborah Campbell
Simon Bartlett, Lily Tomlinson
Junis Olmscheid
Paul Nicholson
Mair Graham, Rita Stringer
Tom Shore, Geoff Warren
Miriam King


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