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by William Shakespeare
Directed by:
Monday 17 to Saturday 22 July 2023
Fountain Gardens, Champions Wharf, Twickenham TW1 3DT

“Beware the Ides of March…”

A city on the brink… a murderous regime change.. a descent into civil war. Shakespeare’s play uses the historical events of two thousand years ago as the basis for his great political thriller.

This production promises an exciting contemporary interpretation of the play, staged in the round, in our annual open air production.

2017 - The Seagull.jpg
Simon Bartlett
Box Office: 07484 927662


JULIUS CAESAR Matthew Flexman CALPURNIA Sarah Sharpe MARCIA BRUTUS Francesca Ellis PORTIA Fiona Poole CAIUS CASSIUS Stuart Watson CASCA Tom Shore DECIA BRUTUS Josie Teale CINNA Jason Rosenthal METULLA CIMBER Lily Tomlinson PINDARUS / ARTEMIDORA Esme Niblett TREBONIUS Ben Collingwood Best LIGARIA Anna Fitz MARK ANTONY Scott Tilley OCTAVIUS CAESAR Matthew Tyrrell LEPIDUS / MARULLUS Michael Andrew SOOTHSAYER Albi Best CINNA THE POET / LUCIUS Theo Byrne PUBLIUS Chris Hodges NURSE / FLAVIA Charlotte Horobin CITIZENS Max Bickerstaffe, Charlie Diprose, Cath Messum, Bob Trimble

Creative Team

Ass. Director:
Set Design:
Lighting Design:
Sound Design:
Stage Manager:

Simon Bartlett
Deborah Campbell, Peter Messum, Denise Tomlinson
Junis Olmscheid
Marc Pearce
Miriam King, John Gilbert
Ralph Blackbourn
Sasha Gascoine


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