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by Anton Chekhov, in a new version by Torben Betts
Directed by:
Saturday 22 to Saturday 29 April 2017
Mary Wallace Theatre

As summer guests assemble at a country house for the staging of an avant-garde play, artistic temperaments ignite to reveal a more entertaining drama behind the scenes. Romantic jealousies, self-doubt and the ruthless pursuit of personal happiness take centre stage in The Seagull, the first of Chekhov's great works. Torben Betts has created a radically funny new version of this classic and the play becomes a fresh, free-flying adaptation. It will break your heart but rock you with laughter.

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Susan Conte
Box Office: 07484 927662


IRINA Dorothy Duffy KONSTANTIN Liam Hurley PETER John Mortley NINA Magdalena Jablonska ILIA Jim Trimmer PAULINA Susan Reoch MASHA Rachel Burnham BORIS Darren McIlroy EUGENE James Lloyd Pegg SIMON Peter Easterbrook YAKOV James MacDonald NATASHA Georganna Simpson

Creative Team

Ass. Director:
Set Design:
Lighting Design:
Sound Design:
Stage Manager:

Susan Conte
Nicola Doble
Fiona Auty, Francesca Stone
Martin Walton
Pennie Bayliss, Carol Fuller
Martin Pope
Lyn Randall


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