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by William Shakespeare
Directed by:
Sunday 15 to Saturday 21 July 2012
Fountain Gardens, York House

This tale of passionate love across the divide of feuding families with its inter-generational conflicts and painful twists of fate provides an array of excellent parts. We are swept into the action in the first half with brawls, humour and colourful characters such as the fiery Tybalt, the witty cynic, Mercutio and the garrulous Nurse and so on to the rich poetry of the famouis balcony scene. While in the second half the "fix-it" Friar and thwarted Capulet help to hurtle events towards the fated tragic ending.

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Deborah Campbell
Box Office: 07484 927662


JULIET Grace Link CAPULET John Crook LADY CAPULET Tanya Link TYBALT Scott Tilley NURSE Carol Fuller PETER Timothy Williams ABRAHAM James Osmond POTPAN Paul Huggins HELENA/SINGER Marie Claire de Voil MIRANDA Miranda Barrett ROMEO Matt Penman MONTAGUE Michael Daly LADY MONTAGUE Tess Nowell BENVOLIO Mark Jones SAMPSON Steve Lee SUSAN GRINDSTONE Anne Hardwick NELL Lily Tomlinson MERCUTIO Brandon Johnson FRIAR LAURENCE Simon Bartlett PRINCE Niall Trimble PARIS Ben Collingwood Best ROSALINE Angelina Sehgal FRIAR JOHN Peter Parkinson APOTHECARY Polly Beauwin

Creative Team

Ass. Director:
Set Design:
Lighting Design:
Sound Design:
Stage Manager:

Deborah Campbell
Muriel Keech
James Osmond
Paul Nicholson
Carol Fuller
Martin Pope
Sarah Bland


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