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by Federico García Lorca - Translation by Gwynne Edwards
Directed by:
Saturday 22 to Sunday 30 March 2014
Mary Wallace Theatre

A modern classic, this passion-fuelled play tells the story of a reluctant betrothal, a surprise elopement and a bloody revenge. It is a tale to both warm the heart and chill the bone. Complementing the poetic, visceral language, the group has composed original music with a traditional Spanish flavour, to be performed live on acoustic instruments. Add to this some ambitious physical theatre, stirring ensemble work and a liberal sprinkling of song and dance, and we can promise you a heady theatrical brew.

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Vicky Hancock, with musical direction by Gavin Fowler
Box Office: 07484 927662


THE WIFE Alessandra Whelan THE BRIDEGROOM Alex Bickerstaffe THE BRIDE/A GIRL Alice West THE FATHER/A WOODCUTTER Charlie Wright THE MOTHER/THE BEGGARWOMAN Charlotte Serrurier LEONARDO Chris Capon THE BRIDE/A GIRL Ciara Diver THE MOTHER Ciara Hay THE BRIDE/A GIRL Eleanor Trimby A NEIGHBOUR Eleanor Woodhouse THE BRIDE/A GIRL Elle Wright THE BRIDEGROOM/A BOY Elliot Linsey THE MOTHER Emma Davies LEONARDO/THE MOON George Abbott THE MAID/A GIRL Jessica Serrurier THE MAID/A GIRL Lily McIlrath THE WIFE/A WOODCUTTER Maddy Bettany THE MOTHER-IN-LAW Ruby Penman THE FATHER/A WOODCUTTER Teddy Juriansz THE BRIDE/A GIRL Tess Fitzgerald

Creative Team

Ass. Director:
Set Design:
Lighting Design:
Sound Design:
Stage Manager:

Vicky Hancock, with musical direction by Gavin Fowler
Gavin Fowler
Simon Bickerstaffe
Ciara Hay
Gavin Fowler


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