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by Patrick Greene and Jason Pizzarello
Directed by:
Thursday 28 June to Sunday 1 July 2012
Mary Wallace Theatre

Travel around the world and explore forgotten myths and unusual legends in eight fast-paced and hilarious tales! Guided by a band of roaming gypsies, the audience is transported from the ancient Far East, where a hero must kill a giant centipede to save a dragon king, to the Russian countryside, where a poor orphan must defeat three witches who stole his grandfather's eyes. Always quirky, and sometimes bizarre, these eight tales are filled with magic, mystery, and morals.

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Laura Galton
Box Office: 07484 927662


THE RINGMASTER AND HORSE MISTRESS: Harry Jarvis, Lily McIllraith GRANDFATHER'S EYES: Connor Diver, Edie Moles, Cassie Woodhouse, Jessica Serrurier, Miranda Barrett THE LOST BEADS: Sofia Hambi, Alessandra Whelan, Aliyah Haji, Sasha Manning, Alexandra Fraser, Andrew Barton, Alice Chevalier, Zoe Phelps PRINCE IVAN, THE WITCH, AND THE LITTLE SISTER OF THE SUN: Miranda Barrett, Daisy Tucker, Suzi Webster Bell, Zoe Phelps, Andrew Barton, Connor Diver, Luigi Jones, Sofia Hambi, Jessica Serrurier, Lizzie Haskins, Catrin Ody, Xander Chevalier, Alice Brunt, Ella Pink MY LORD BAG OR RICE: Lizzie Haskins, Alice Chevalier, Andrew Barton, Tilda Harper Alexandra Fraser, Sasha Manning THE STORY OF THE YARA: Xander Chevalier, Catrin Ody, Alice Brunt, Cassie Woodhouse PRINCE HALF-A-SON: Aliyah Haji, Sasha Manning, Alexandra Fraser, Xander Chevalier, Miranda Barrett, Luigi Jones, Jess Serrurier, Zoe Phelps, Cassie Woodhouse, Andrew Barton, Daisy Tucker THE LITTLE OWL BOY: Sofia Hambi, Alessandra Whelan, Tilda Harper, Connor Diver THE STORY-TELLER AT FAULT: Daisy Tucker, Jess Serrurier, Edie Moles, Lizzie Haskins, Aliyah Haji, Suzi Webster-Bell

Creative Team

Ass. Director:
Set Design:
Lighting Design:
Sound Design:
Stage Manager:

Laura Galton
Susie Baxter, Lou Stenson
Nerys Willams, Laura Galton
Charlotte Priestley, Laura Galton
Laura Galton
Susie Baxter


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