by A. A. Milne; a play from Kenneth Grahame’s book ‘The Wind in the Willows’
Thursday 23 to Sunday 26 June 2016
Mary Wallace Theatre

The nostalgic, quintessentially English tale of four friends: kind and cultured Ratty, mild-mannered Mole, sage and solitary Badger and the crazy, conceited Toad. When Toad becomes uncontrollably obsessed with speed, and specifically cars, he falls foul of the law and faces a 20-year prison sentence, leaving his friends in desperation that he'll ever see sense. Even his 'cunningly plotted' escape from jail causes chaos...


TOAD Isabella Timpson RAT Laura Jones BADGER Emily McGuire MOLE Honor Paul CHIEF WEASEL/PRISONER Eddie Barrett JUDGE Aoife Diver USHER/AUNT Jessica Jones POLICEMAN 1 Lars Nepstad POLICEMAN 2 Thom Hickey RABBIT 1/WASHERWOMAN Flora Baker RABBIT 2/PHOEBE Amelia Davis PRISON GUARD/RABBIT Miranda Barrett

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Jane Swift
Jane Swift
The Cast
Peter Garvey
The Cast
Laura May Hassan