by Alan Ayckbourn
Thursday 23 to Saturday 25 July 2009
Mary Wallace Theatre

A series of vignettes from the master of modern comedy, performed by our talented youngsters.


Mother Figure: LUCY Alice Napier ROSEMARY Louisa Morrison TERRY Louis Morris Drinking Companion: HARRY Kieran Brunt PAULA Emily Dixon BERNICE Lily Beck WAITRESS Charlotte Symon Between Mouthfuls: WAITER Louise Morris PEARCE James Cooper MRS PEARCE Louise Morrison MARTIN Peter Watts POLLY Victoria Jenkins Gosforth's Fete: MRS PEARCE Louise Morrison MILLY Lily Beck GOSFORTH Pete Watts VICAR Max Bickerstaffe STEWART Kieran Brunt A Talk in the Park: ARTHUR James Cooper BERYL Ellen Standeven CHARLES Louis Morris DOREEN Ellie Ring ERNEST Max Bickerstaffe

Creative Team

Ass. Director:
Set Design:
Lighting Design:
Sound Design:
Stage Manager:

Karin Abbott, Simon Radford
Karin Abbott
Karin Abbott, Simon Radford
Sarah Hill
Sarah Hill
Karin Abbott
Chrissie Leveridge


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