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  1. Plymouth Shakespeare Society

    The Plymouth Shakespeare Society has a programme of talks, discussions and play-readings as well as theatre visits. RSS Founder Gladys Erickssen had previously been a member of the Plymouth Shakespeare Society, so we owe them a debt of thanks!

  2. Practical Philosophy Kingston

    Courses in practical philosophy

  3. Little Theatre Guild

    The Little Theatre Guild of Great Britain links amateur drama groups who run their own theatres, providing a forum for them to share their experiences. The RSS is a member of the LTG

  4. Teddington Theatre Club

    This is another local drama group, based in Hampton Hill, which shares many members with the RSS.

  5. Q2 Players

    Q2 Players - another local drama group, based in Kew, many of whose members are also members of the RSS.

  6. Twickenham Operatic Society

    One of the finest amateur musical companies in the London Area.

  7. ArtsRichmond

    ArtsRichmond (formerly the Richmond Arts Council) is a voluntary body promoting the arts and libraries in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames. The web-site includes reviews of productions by local societies, including the RSS which is a member.

  8. York House Society

    The York House Society is Twickenham's oldest amenity society, formed in 1922. The Society has a programme of talks throughout the year, with special interests in central Twickenham, York House and its environs and the neighbouring Thames riverside. The gardens of York House host the annual Open Air show of the RSS.

  9. RSS Message Group

    This is the Message Group through which RSS members can receive e-mails with up-to-date information on society activities. If you are not already a member of the Message Group, you can easily join.

  10. Rugby Football Union

    RFU Community Relations and Rugby Post Magazine

  11. Twickenham Fine Ales

    Twickenham Fine Ales, a frequent and much appreciated sponsor of the RSS They make great beer local to us as well. We have a barrel of their beer at our bar during most productions.

  12. RSC Shakespeare

    The RSC Shakespeare website allows Shakespeare fans, students and teachers to browse our full range of books and access a wealth of resources including our online reading room, so that they can get closer to Shakespeare's plays as they were originally intended.

  13. - The Amateur Theatre Network is the free website for the amateur theatre community. It includes free resources for groups and individuals interested in amateur theatre. “We won’t make a crisis out of a drama”.

  14. Sardines

    Sardines is the web-site of a magazine for and about amateur theatre. RSS shows are listed on this site.

None of the websites listed here are under the control of the Richmond Shakespeare Society; their contents can change at any time and the Richmond Shakespeare Society cannot accept any responsibility for their contents. Please let us know if you would like any additions to or deletions from this list.
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